Looking to celebrate a special day or occasion with an activity that is a bit different than the norm? Why not book a butcher party at The Conscious Carnivore. We are now offering private classes for 10 people, led by Head Butcher Dave Gathy. You and 9 friends can have a great time learning the in's and out's of butchering, have a drink, a snack and get some hands-on experience butchering. Everyone even gets to take home all of the night's work!

Private classes are offered for the following:

  • How to Make Bacon
  • Whole Hog Butchering
  • Beef Fore or Hind Quarter Butchering
  • Whole Lamb Butchering
  • Have your own idea for a class? Contact us and we can work something out. 

All classes must be for 10 people

Class Prices:

  • Bacon -- $90/person -- $900
  • Hog -- $130/person -- $1300
  • Beef Fore or Hind Quarter -- $190/person -- $1900
  • Lamb -- $120/person -- $1200