Gobble, gobble, Carnivores! It's that time of year again when the holiday season is right around the corner, and everyone starts making their plans for Thanksgiving. We have limited numbers of turkey pre-orders left. Please stop in or call the shop to place your reservation. Remember, quantities are limited, so the earlier you place your order the better. 

This year we are offering 3 different birds:

  • Antibiotic-free local broad-breasted whites from Ney's Big Sky in Manitowoc. These are delicious birds, raised naturally without antibiotics nor hormones. They are $5.00 per pound and will run about 10-12 pounds ($20 deposit).
  • Amish Organic broad-breasted whites, raised by farmer Dan Schmucker. Another wonderful turkey to grace your feasting table. They are $10.00 per pound ($50 deposit).
  • Customer favorite Royal Palm Heritage turkeys from Bryant Family Farm in Hollandale, Wisconsin. Nico Bryant does an amazing job raising his pasture-raised, free-foraging turkeys. The Royal Palm is a beautiful bird that sets itself apart on the dinner table. They are $11.00 per pound ($50 deposit) Sizes range from 10-14 pounds. 

Call  or stop in Tuesday to reserve your Thanksgiving table centerpiece.