Hello Carnivores! We have a few fun events coming up at The Conscious Carnivore--

  • May 21, 2016, Summit Brewing Sampling @ The Conscious Carnvivore; 11am-2pm-- Join Ross Fahey from Summit Brewing as he samples his beers. We'll have specials on Summit Saga and samples of Saga beer brats. Beers and brats will be for sale in the shop. 
  • Memorial Day weekend we'll be featuring Mangalitsa pork in our meat case, including trotters, shanks, skin, ground back fat, bone-in loin chops, loin roasts and shoulders. We don't get this wonderfully fatty Hungarian breed too often, and when we do it sells quickly. Mangalitsa is a darker pork with a large fat cap and taste leaning towards wild boar--earthier than Berkshire or Red Wattle, and oh so delicious. 

Fill your freezer! Finding yourself with an empty freezer and have the need and inclination to fill it up? We can help. Whether you are looking to stock up with a 1/4 beef, half a hog or a whole lamb, or simply great tasting grass fed ground beef or burger patties, we have a bulk option that will fit your budget. Click over to our website for full details.