Hello Carnivores!

19 days! That's all there is until Thanksgiving day! Don't wait until it's too late and all the turkeys have been gobbled up. 

We have recently opened up ordering for Thanksgiving turkeys. As in the past we have three options for turkeys this year. All are going to be a hit on your Thanksgiving table.

Choose from (please note all weights are approximate and we cannot guarantee your size, but will do our best accommodate requests)

  • Ney's ABF - Broad Breasted White Antibiotic/Hormone Free - Average 10-12#; $5/pound
  • Organic - Broad Breasted White, Amish Raised Certified Organic - Average 10-16#; $10/pound
  • Heritage - Royal Palm, Amish Raised - Average 10-16#; $12/pound

Pick up dates will be Monday, November 20 (10am-4pm); Tuesday, November 21 (10am-7pm); Wednesday, November 22 (10am-7pm). All orders require a $25/bird deposit that will be applied to the final cost at pick up. 

Need your turkey de-boned, cut up or spatchcocked? We can do that! De-boning is an additional $20, and spatchcocking/splitting/cutting is an additional $15. Extra charges are to be paid for at time of deposit. 

All deposits are considered non-refundable except on a case by case basis. 

Have any questions? Stop in or give us a call (608-709-1418).


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SHOP THE BEERAMID! All 12oz cans and bottles of beer are $2.00 ea or $10/6-pack! Plus, save 20%


  • Cross Cut Beef Shanks - $7.00/pound
  • Hickory Smoked Baby Back Ribs - $8.00/pound
  • All Cheese - 40% off
  • All Honey - 50% off
  • Most Mustard - 50% off
  • Maple Syrup - 50% off
  • All Salts - 50% off
  • Kids Carnivore T-Shirts - 50% off
  • Old Style Carnivore Adult T-Shirts - 50% off


We're clearing out our old styles of t-shirts to make way for 2 brand new designs! Get 50% off all kids and older styles of adult t's. Both new shirt designs are $20 each and we are stocked in a full range of sizes. 

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